Tour Tacoma with Me- With Kaitlyn Marty

Come take a tour with me through Tacoma, WA! As one of my favorite cities in the PNW, I’ve featured some fun and unique places to entice you. We stroll downtown to the vibrantly, colorful Opera Ally where Over The Moon Cafe resides. Don’t forget to also stop into Devil’s Reef for a cold one.

One block down on Broadway Street is where the famous Antique Row begins. Make sure to tour the entire block, plus another street down to see all of the interesting shops. Don’t be surprised if you run into me at OCD Candy Company 😉

Corina Bakeryup a few blocks on Fawcett Avenue, is where you’re going to find delicious cakes and pastries, and the best sausage frittata you’ve ever eaten! If you get loured into The Grand Cinema right next door by their mouthwatering buttered-popcorn scent, don’t be worried– You’re sure to have a grand time, if I may…

Pacific Avenue is perfect for a night out on the town with tons of restaurants, bars, and clubs, all in walking distance of each other. Be sure to make time for a visit to the Tacoma Art Museum and the Museum Of Glass with artwork from Tacoma’s own Dale Chihuly!

What’s your favorite hidden gem in Tacoma? I’d love to hear it– Comment below!


Posted on January 28, 2019 at 11:01 pm
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